a web-app to cheer by click
Push your social distancing event to the next level!
Both musicians and comedians, as well as listeners and viewers, are able to enjoy resounding applause, loud cheers, and infectious laughter, all while the audience is sitting in their cars tapping their smartphones. The applause, cheers, and laughter increase and decrease dynamically in a stunningly realistic atmosphere.
This web-app is designed and built by professionals for professionals and offers you the tools to make the applause, cheers and laughter of YOUR event sound naturally and great. The simple setup, clever functionality, as well as high quality sounds are just a few of the reasons for using

Working with is that easy
Set up a computer (requirements below) at your front-of-house and connect its audio output to the sound mixing desk.

Make sure your internet connection is stable at all times and is not used by the public.

Open the host URL in a web browser (we highly recommend the latest version of Google Chrome).
Open the client URL on any smartphone and start tapping.

Now, mix the sound from to the monitors on stage and to the main mix for the audience.

Windows 10 / macOs Catalina
minimum:Intel i5, 8 GB RAM
recommended:Intel i7, 16 GB RAM


Want to use on your next event?

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